AI specialist

AI specialist

Do you really want to experience innovation? 2CoolMonkeys is a company that does a lot of R & D, including AI and IOT and they are looking for an AI Specialist!

Job description

2CoolMonkeys is a young and dynamic company and has an office in the middle of Utrecht in the historic Hooghiemstra building. We work daily in an energetic, creative environment of animators, filmmakers and photographers. Projects are preferably performed on Agile, both on location and in-house. Every project is unique. 2CoolMonkeys put their own coffee and go every now and then to the city for a snack and a drink.


We are looking for an AI Specialist with:


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Company profile

2CoolMonkeys builds innovation tailor-made apps for large organizations such as Marktplaats, Sandd, GLS, Rijksoverheid and Rijkswaterstaat.
Based on our extensive experience in the field of design, innovation and web development, we always live up to the high expectations. This is achieved, among other things, by our development method in which the client has the essential domain knowledge and 2CoolMonkeys provides its expertise.

Would you like to join our team ? Send an email with your C.V. and a brief motivation.